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Lions Head “Begging” First Official Video!

We have been a lively supporter of Lions Head ever since we first heard their first release “Begging”. It was pretty clear that they were gonna blow up really soon with the ear candy they had to offer. So it comes as no surprise that their first official video had to be eye candy. Enjoy it, it’s a soothing piece of video…

kiiara – Gold

Outta nowhere this track pops up and its on repeat. I guess the fact that i don’t know anything about her/ the crew behind the tune or actually that i am just too lazy to google it makes it even > for me. The magic of discovering earworms and addictive chopped hooklines has a hold on me, and that’s a good thing.…

Bibio – You (& Take Off Your Skirt)

Multi instrumentalist Bibio is sick! Heavy laced funk & pitched soul packed into a state of the art costume and edited with the aesthetics of ADHD sound design. Warp Rec doing it all a 100% right. This has got to be one of your most talented signings. Make sure to give this guy enough room to unfold. 2nd track reminds me of Prince… nuff said.

2nd tune after the jump