kiiara gold Chromemusic

Outta nowhere this track pops up and its on repeat. I guess the fact that i don’t know anything about her/ the crew behind the tune or actually that i am just too lazy to google it makes it even > for me. The magic of discovering earworms and addictive chopped hooklines has a hold on me, and that’s a good thing. Kinda feels like the internet did before blogs became hype-atomizers & multipliers for ‘clever’ Pr youngsters who think of them as zeitgeisty net-gurus, ready to jump any new bandwagon, or go any length to sit on top of the next big thing. Well i think that the age of the gold digger is coming to an end. Why? Cause Goldman-Sachs, that’s why! Just kidding, more and more aggregates and accumulators of said atomized content are setting up barriers and new hindrances for their content (music/artist) to gain exposure and mass recognition. And it’s gonna get worse, think TSA & martial law. Ok, i watched too much Alex Jones recently and the artist reading this blog post after googling his (her) own name is thinking to herself  “where is the part when he starts talking about the song?”.

Right here. Sokay, its not the best song you will ever here, it’s not the newest innovation or a new spin on a certain style… but its the best song you will here right now, innovative in defying a few musical formulas that have had too much exposure and copycats on soundcloud, and its taken its definite own spin on a yet unidentified genre, that is actually pop music but that music nerds love to define with hip fancy words, while they should all be smoking a Jeffrey and stroking the furry walls. Ok, i will try to sound like a 14 y old wang on snapchat and will make you lose a few brain cells: ” OMGD! Turn up for this! This is my Bae’s ish! Not no whitewash! y’all thirsty eardrums, this choons so on fleek!!!”

Great song, new artist, get with it, follow her.