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So Much THIS! Cupidon – Be The One (feat. Tierra)

Be. the. One. Tired of soul music yet? One of our very own boys, Shoyu, and his partner Golow, who is a super nice & talented fellow, laid down this soulfull gem of track, completely ignoring the standard arrangement patterns of today and going more for an intuitive flow of the prevailing vibe, beautifully laid down by the minimalist instrumentation and Tierras…

Mothica – Out Of It (Delamare Remix)

Bad Ass tune from young and promisung producer Delamare. Any other remix of this already astounding tune by Mothica would have normally ended in an instant rejection from our side, but give it a listen and hear for yourself why this is definitely a one-up.. Man is still growing on his following so hug him on Soundcloud.

Free Downloads! Kaytranada – Dontmesswithmymans & Go Ahead

A true YUM YUM dancefloor classic got it’s Kaytranada flip with Lucy Pearl’s ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’. Sweet tool for all the DJ’s out there. Make sure to grab your free .wav file. The second song ‘Go Ahead’ is also very useful for us and available as free .wav file as well – thanks Kaytra! We really appreciate that move. More…