Tag: synth pop

Wake Up by Loud Forest 

The first song of Loud Forest i have come across and they impress at first listen! This is what they wrote about the tune and i couldn’t agree more “This song is about loving someone who is super independent. You love them, you have all the feelings of intense love, but they are always out there, at arms length, just beyond your…

My Body by Saunas

Man, i wanna jump in my Trans Am, and go to my prom dance, start a brawl, then have a ball and then hang out with my fellow 80’s reagenauts, Brad & Chad. This has 80’s retro feel and soundtrack written all over it! Solid effort gents! This one is a slow burner though. At first you like it, but then you…

LAZER BLADES – Heartbreaker

This one goes so deep in the retro feel, that i wonder why there is not a goth in 8bit on the cover. A lot of elements that you will recognize from the early to mid 80’s synth bands and an instrumental that would make any video game or cyber warrior movie proud. Great!

When You Fall In Love (Mastered Version) by BoganVia

This tune really sticks with you, long after you stopped playing it. Always the strongest indicator for a strong tune. This one has all the clichés & trademarks of a 80’s synth pop anthem, and it is really that strong imho to be, although fictitious, an 80’s classic. It uses the obvious sounds and techniques flawlessly w/o ever compromising with todays state…

Chasing Shadows by Santigold

It’s been quite a while since Santigold released a song we’ve really liked and therefore we’re going to share this one with all of you. “Chasing Shadows” is the latest single out of her upcoming album “99 Cents”, scheduled to be released on February 26.