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Cee Lo Green & Soko “F**k you” chrome edit

Actually just a quick drums edit plus some Soko vocals to mash it up some, while i am on vacation and its pouring in Southern Thailand. This is for my dj fellas back home, so that you can play this tune the coming weekend. Hard to tell how the drums sound on my laptop lol, but enjoy nonetheless. Just a quick edit…

top tunes for september 2009

vote your YUM YUM Top Tunes for September, Remember you have got 5 votes. [poll id=”12″] [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Melane-Fiona-_-The-Illadelphonics-Cupid-_Sam-Cooke-Cover_.mp3] Melane Fiona _ The Illadelphonics – Cupid _Sam Cooke Cover [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Major-Lazer-Pon-De-Floor-Ernold-Sane-Remix.mp3] Major Lazer- Pon De Floor (Ernold Sane Remix) [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/The-Be-Good-Tanyas-When-Doves-Cry.mp3] The Be Good Tanyas – When Doves Cry [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/Mum.mp3] Marina & Soko “Mum” [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/01-the-rain.mp3] Calvin Harris-“the rain” [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/Mayer-Hawthorne-Your-Easy-Lovin-Aint-Pleasin-Nothin.mp3] Mayer Hawthorne – Your Easy Lovin Aint…

YUM YUM Berlin this Saturday @ Picknick

this is gonna be just great RSVP to the party on facebook aaaand dont forget to join the YUM YUM Berlin group on Facebook which is always first on brandnew mixtapes and all the latest pics and videos of the parties you can call it micro,micro blogging. here is a favourite of mine to set the mood before saturday Soko is back,…

YUM YUM Top Tunes for April

This months YUM YUM top tunes are upon us and we want you to vote and see which ones are favoured by our peoples and visitors + guests + friends, our clout. The poll will be open until Friday April 10th. As you can see in the sidebar of chromemusic – you now have a YUM YUM top tunes icon to find…

YUM YUM Berlin – this friday, march 27th @ Scala

“Now here’s a funky introduction of how nice i am,

tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram…â€?

After Februaries killer YUM YUM in Berlin its time for another roundup of the finest.

This Friday March 27th we’ll throw a huge YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala, in case you have forgotten how huge the last one was – we can still recall people smiling at the end of the night, instead of being just wasted, with even the bartenders going APE SHIT all night long. Djs for that night will be Chrome, Passion & Special Guest: Peshay with an all-exclusive non-drum-n-bass-set!!. (think top friend) along Mc Motive & a special warmup by Robot Koch of Jahcoozi fame. The 1st floor will be the 1-year anniversary of the Candy Club, hosted by San Gabriel, Lilly Flip & my man Keaton, hailing from London. All that and more hosted by YUM YUM Berlin mastermind Schowi who seems to be holding down all of Berlin recently. Here is the link -  to the Party on Facebook: YUM YUM Berlin Friday march 27th and of course the Facebook YUM YUM Berlin Group which still has to grow… Anyway you are in for a major treat, so see you this Friday at Scala @ a very, very massive YUM YUM in Berlin @ Scala. Please make sure to show up early..

a.) This is where you’ll find Scala – Friedrichstr 112 – Berlin Mitte. Scala on Google Maps

b.) some of our favourite tunes right now:


ill-kill-her-not_fx-kill-the-bitch-YUM YUM remix





c.) Full german description here – bitte hier umblättern…

YUM YUM Duisburg this Sat, Mar 21st

Last YUM YUM in Duisburg which happened to be our 3rd anniversary over there went down like a storm and so will this one on upcoming Saturday Mar 21st with DJ duties up to Tand and not:fx. If you haven’t already check out his latest remix of Soko’s I’ll kill her right here to get an idea of what you can expect…