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Downtight by Pho Queue

This one deserves recognition, coming from a long term friend of us, under his new moniker Pho Que (prnounced F..U..). We are happy that he finally knocked one out that is srsly nice! Enjoy the groove, served with a sweet set of chill and soul. Ahoy Felix, sweet tune. Pho Queue Tourdates

Deep End by ShelBee 

I heard this tune the very first time a few weeks ago and instantly liked it, not only bc of it’s sparse use of instrumentation but mostly bc of Shel Bees phrasing, intonation and the way she delivers the top lines. A seriously good singer in the making, with an honest voice that needs more attention on the streaming world of today.…

Sweet Honey Flows by Einar Indra 

The title says it all, and the tune goes down like bu… honey. Addiction level is pretty high especially when being pretty high. Looking fwd to hearing more of them. Awesome band/artist name btw. Follow einarIndra on ::: Spotify ::: Official ::: Facebook ::: Twitter

Horizon by The Accents

The Accents “Horizon” sounds a bit like a love theme to an 80’s flicks love teen love scene, but also has aspects of an old school downtempo/trip hop song. Just embrace it;) Website ::: Instagram ::: Twitter ::: Zuckerbook