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DJ Wool/Sharkslayer

ere’s a couple tunes that have really been doing it for me recently… silly things like work have been leaving me with little time to find new music of late, but I’m happy to be able to share these with you (with the artists’ blessing!)

Yum Yum goes to University!

It’s that time of year again, a whole bunch of fresh-faced young things are descending upon Manchester as the new University year kicks off. To mark the occasion and welcome our new students, we’re putting on a big bash at the Students’ Union club, Club Academy tomorrow night (Tuesday 22nd Sept).

Little Green Men

No the aliens aren’t invading… but the Aussies are! Came across this release today from Adam Zae of Sydney based Troublemakers. They seem to be getting out and about a fair bit down under. Many thanks to Heath for this… Troublemakers website Troublemakers Facebook Group [audio:] Little Green Men – Alex Zae (Original Mix) Download the full release here!  tm002_little_green_men_adam_zae

Recap of Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party was off the hook! We were only supposed to play for an hour, but the band before us finished early, and the next act was late… so in the end we got to play for over 90 mins! This required an on the fly reworking of the set (we’d pre-planned this one) but it all turned out fine thankfully.…