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Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That

“Just commence your feet to skate – pick up your arms and make’em shake” Currently one of my favourite boogaloo songs taken from the ‘Chef (Motion Picture Soundtrack)’. Originally from 1967 and has seen some single releases from 1994 to 1996. Re-released on 7″ in October 2014. The soundtrack also includes some classic tunes we used to play over and over again…

Lions Head “Begging” First Official Video!

We have been a lively supporter of Lions Head ever since we first heard their first release “Begging”. It was pretty clear that they were gonna blow up really soon with the ear candy they had to offer. So it comes as no surprise that their first official video had to be eye candy. Enjoy it, it’s a soothing piece of video…

ChromeMusic Top Tunes June

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. ChromeMusic Top Tunes June are ready! Enjoy the playlist and have some wonderful summer days with lots of Iced Coffee, Lemon Icecream and Strawberries… ChromeMusic Top Tunes June