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The Cycle Of Transformation

Butterfly Medicine. The butterfly is an archetypal symbol of transformation, transmutation, and magic in world mythology and religion. Virtually all cultures have marveled at the magical process that transforms an ungraceful caterpillar into a magnificent fluttering butterfly.

This is my story

a two part video, at the end wait a few seconds A very touching video, let Ben tell you his story, and be inspired by him and what he has to say. A boy that had suffered throughout his entire life and a boy that let himself be liberated by the painful experiences he had. These are the lessons to learn, not…

Here is to Nujabes and his legacy

The japanese beatmaker wizard, Nujabes passed away in early 2010 in a car accident. At first i decided not to write about it, even when one of my best friends, who had taken on the same path, told me about him and asked me if i knew Nujabes. It was a keeper, not something to put on a website, but more and…