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Snoop Dogg – Breathe it in

His latest tune about the stickiest of the icky. PS. True Fact: I read somewhere that Snoops got a weed permit for his bubonic chronic. [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Snoop-Dogg-Breathe-It-In.mp3] Snoop Dogg – Breathe It In

YUM YUM Top Tunes March

Our brand new Top Tunes are finally here, were supposed to be online last friday, and weedheads and djs are always late (i guess). But the selection is here right now and that is just in time for our upcoming chromemusic Blog Party on saturday @ yip yab munich. Some brand new über favourites as well as two old favourites made onto…