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a very, very long … musical roundup :)

i have been off the radar for a minute, building our own venue, i mean proper handywork and figuring out the feel of things, not too much the style at first, but the soul is something that eminates from within in my humble opinion, so i was worrying about the feel of things and i think i pointed it into the right…

Erykah – the Wonderful Life of Medulla Oblongata

a wonderful gem of a mixtape released by Studio 51.15 – check their website for more material website and other gems. another great find by markus [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/01-Chapter-2-_-The-Wonderful-Life-Of-Medulla-Oblongata.mp3] Erykah Badu Mix – The Wonderful Life Of Medulla Oblongata Studio 51.15 Chapter 2: The Wonderful Life Of Medulla Oblongata by Studio 51.15

Soundcloud Edit Masters # 1: Leftside Wobble

Supposed to be a new segment on the blog, where i introduce a few edit masters that have caught my attention while surfing Soundcloud, which gives a perfect opportunity to a few folks like this man here to showcase all the edits, remixes and versions they have made of well known tracks and tracks which have literally been begging for a retreat.…