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Top Tunes 2008 of the YUM YUM Djs

Here are the tracks we enjoyed playing the most this year. be in for a treat next year when we go even more places. Some of us are missing but the list is long enough and you will see we have a couple of direct winners. come back tomorrow when its time to vote this years top tunes selection. also both our…

Topfriend mix online

At our last Topfriend Party in Munich, two weeks ago, we were handing out the first hundred copies of Topfriend Mix #1, which was done by Schu and me. Now finally here it is for free download and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I do. Watch out for the next Topfriend Party in January 2009 at Munich’s Registratur. More on that soon. Until then I recommend visiting the global warming party on friday which features brazil’s edu k and our TopFriends, N.Schiegl, DJ Raph and K.Augenring from the Schlachthofbronx boys, who did have some blog appearance lately.


Topfriend Mix #1


Top Friend Party @ Cafe King, Munich this Saturday

Title: Top Friend Party Location: Cafe King, muellerstr Description: Top Friend Party @ Cafe King, Munich with Not:Fx, Schu & Norbert Schiegl, Start Date: 2008-11-29 Start Time: 23:00 You know what to expect when we finally start to get down, on our on and off top friend party. here is my favourite top friend tune at present: [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/township-funk.mp3] “township-funk” Rob 3

YUM YUM & Bday Party at Registratur this Friday

YUM YUM this Friday, November 21st will be our birthday party with almost all the YUM YUM djs coming down: Schu, Not:Fx, Schowi, Tand & Max and my self. Like written so often before – this will be the start of our petit tour (FFM, Munich & Berlin) – you know thats the tshirts and the whole stuff we hooked up with…

“Mercy” YUM YUM Bmore version

“Mercy” Duffy (YUM YUM Bmore treat) Lovely rework of everybodys favourite blue-eyed soul lady Duffy. Works well on every floor and takes the song straight to the dancefloor. A neat YUM YUM version by notFx. Check it out on the latest YUM YUM treat Vol.7.Here is the full version (as with all our posted version), play it out loud and watch the…