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Jean Atem & RAYVON – Spend Time

A dancehall r&b blend with a lot of pop appeal, straight from the island of Saint Lucia, with a proper sexy Caribbean feel. No doubt when Rayvon is on the track, but still the whole flow just moves like a snake through the track, and if there is anything to critisize, it is that the track could have been produced a bit…

Mothica – Out Of It (Elènne Remix)

Another great remix of Mothica‘s “Out Of It”, besides the one of Delamare, by german producer Elènne. His name [ɛˈlɛn], is a variant of Helen (orig. Greek from “Helios”; sun) means (shining) light. Ps. wanted to give the post a whole new #ffcf05 touch, but haven’t found anything useable yet ;) Elènne on Instagram ::: Twitter ::: Facebook ::: Soundcloud

Mothica – Out Of It (Delamare Remix)

Bad Ass tune from young and promisung producer Delamare. Any other remix of this already astounding tune by Mothica would have normally ended in an instant rejection from our side, but give it a listen and hear for yourself why this is definitely a one-up.. Man is still growing on his following so hug him on Soundcloud.

Pusher – Clear (ft. Mothica) (Graves Remix)

The first official remix of Pusher’s ‘Clear’ by Graves came out a few hours ago and we’re really happy to share it with all of you. We haven’t heard from Hawaiian producer Christian alias Graves until now, but his remix gives the original a nice spin forward and makes it more danceable for sure. You can listen to the original over here. The official 4…

PUSHER – Clear (ft. Mothica)

This beautiful song by Pusher was part of our latest radio shows, but i think it’s definitely worth a single post. Songstress Mothica’s sweet voice fits perfectly and is completely on point. ‘Clear’ is part of Pusher‘s upcoming EP. You can read the lyrics while listening over here. Pusher on Soundcloud ::: Instagram ::: Facebook Mothica on Soundcloud ::: Instagram ::: Facebook