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ChromeMusic Top Tunes May [+ Introducing New Stream Player]

Without telling you or for that matter anyone else we made some changes on ChromeMusic over the last couple of weeks. A you might have noticed – you are finally able to listen to all music right from the frontpage without making this extra and honestly ‘oh-so-90ies’ step by opening each and every single post anymore. Now any kid of our no-brain-apple…

Pooltheory – The Dreamer

I know, I know…A song 2 months old looks like we aren’t up to date :) Sometimes it happens that I don’t like a song by hearing it the first time. But when it shows up in my playlists again and again I recognize the good in it. Or 2 months later it fits so much better in my life…this happened with…

B.o.B – So Good

Another nice guy and chromemusic favourite drops his new Album in May, here’s a foretaste. I always liked impelling pianos giving the music a ‘straight forward’ touch. Thinking of  ‘i need a dollar’ or Chiddy’s ‘Breakfast’ on their new album posted yesterday, are somehow the same. Make sure to check further B.o.B posts on chromemusic and enjoy listening. [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/b.o.b-so-good.mp3] B.o.B – So Good