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Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [the Remixes]

The official remix pack for this years massive ML anthem “Bumaye”. Came out about 3 weeks ago. While we were busy pounding these tunes we forgot to put them up for you. Free Download for the entire Remix Pack via TwitMusic. Ps Los Rakas once again rule the whole thing. Watch Out For This (Bumaye) [Remixes] – Major Lazer feat. Los Rakas…

Goapele – Play (Eleven Tambourines remix)

Good friend DJ Eleven did it again and remixed Goapele’s Play and it’s an equally great version as is the version conducted by Los Rakas which Chrome posted a few days ago. You may know Joe as a vital part of The RUB from NYC.

Check out his blog as well as his SoundCloud page since he delivers the goods not only by himself but also through his label 11″ Records. Glad to say we’re already staging some gigs in 2012 since we had too much fun in the last three years (or four?) and I’m already looking forward having him again since he’s just a nice guy! And that’s what’s YUM YUM all about. Period!

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PS: I couldn’t help myself and literally HAD TO threw together a video. I guess I watched too much TV in the 80s after all (anybody still into Miami Vice these days?). Joe was pretty pleased with the outcome as well to say the least so I decided to throw it in here. Watch after the jump if you dare … ;-)

YUM YUM Top Tunes November

Top Tunes are coming a bit late this month – we had our 7th anniversary this month and we kept busy doing these 8 bday mixtapes for you as well as the new YUM YUM Mixtape “The Dude”. Plus we had some issues with our servers (were under attack) and took us some time to figure that out, but its all good…

Monster Tune: “Play” Goapele ft Los Rakas

wicked tune, featuring two of my favourite acts: Goapele (takes me back to 2004) & chromemusic darlings Los Rakas, found via our top tunes group by heavyweight contender shawn. perfect YUM YUM tune for the early hours or better the very late ones. mellow meltdown, this tunes somehwere between … the sheets. pure sex Goapele f. Los Rakas, “Play (Rakas Remix)” by The FADER [audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Goapele-ft-Los-Rakas-Play-Los-Rakas-Remix.mp3]…