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Still Parade – Concrete Vision

‘Concret Vision’ is a dreamy indie-folk song from Niklas Kramer alias Still Parade. We don’t know very much about this talented young man, but the music speaks for itself. Huge song for your playlists, have fun! Follow Still Parade on Facebook ::: Twitter

Broken Back – Happiest Man On Earth

Songwriter and producer Broken Back from Paris makes everyone happy on this planet and beyond with his debut EP ‘Dear Misfortune, Mother Of Joy’, but especially with his song ‘Happiest Man On Earth’. We fell in love instantly and hope you love it as much as we do. Happy sunday everyone! Follow Broken Back on Soundcloud ::: Spotify ::: Facebook

#ChromeSelects: Mat McHugh

Taking it easy today with Mat McHugh’s new album “Waves” that we giddily downloaded for free. Below, we interviewed this avid surfer about pre-meal rituals, the creative process behind the album, and if he can break it down. 1) What artists do you draw on for your influence? Oh man, that list is too big. I get inspired by creative energy in any…