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Playlist : Wolfskind x ChromeMusic

Sweet Playlist from my buddy Wolfskind who is growing and getting better and better at what he does in the world of music, mainly state of the art production. Expect nothing less from the playlist he made for us. Give it a spin and discover lots of … hm let’s call it future pop. Check out n follow Wolfskind on Spotify

Umbrella (Cover) by Alxxa 

Get with alxxa’s Umbrella cover, a very unusual sounding but zeitgeisty beat and production. Love how it has that seductive vast emptiness and sparse instrumentation, clouding it up with only a running synth melody, the perfectly placed effects and her brilliant clear vocals. Of course it helps that everyone knows each word of the track, but undeniably one of the best efforts…

Luna by Kuzo

Sounds like a late summer tune, mellow in every nuance and might be best categorized as future pop. Really dig the vibes Luna spreads here. The singer, although most certainly unintentionally, has a similar vibe to the late Sade Adu, and that is pretty huge for a name that just started out. Dig the artwork and the subtle production.  All in all,…

Body High by Harrison Brome (Official Video)

Harrison’s “Fill Your Brains” and “Midnight Island” have been running on repeat for the last year. Imho his best songs by far, but this new one has also all the quality and the right ingredients to become a chill pop classic. Check the mesmerizing video and his Fill Your Brains – EP (Out Now) Official :::  Soundcloud ::: Spotify