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Door #10: Funk Playlist by Chrome Musics own Dominique

Happy Monday with a Funk Playlist by Chrome Musics own Dominique Adventcalendar #10. A personal Funk favourites Playlist by Dominique, who is one of our producers and captains onboard the Chrome Music Label. We met him years ago through another project and we instantly clicked with his vibe and humour, the guys got plenty, as the picture carefully suggests. But alas, he…

Trouble (feat. Talay Riley) by Icarus 

A true winner, with a whole bunch of soul to back it up. The real winner though is the singer, Talay Riley imho. Welcome little grove jam to brighten up your monday mood and carpe all those diems;) FOLLOW Icarus::: Facebook ::: Instagram ::: Twitter ::: Website ::: YouTube

Radar by Noah Slee

Back to Space Funk and radioactive soul, reminiscent of the whole broken beat scene and their contrasting sound to the Neo Soul movement. Could be a 2017 release on Bloodstone. solid work there! Enjoy! Follow Noah See – Instagram  ::: Youtube ::: Twitter ::: Zuckerbook ::: Spotify

Carpe Diem by Stabby Organs

Stabby Organs enter the field, new contender for most chilled track with a soulful disco 70’s rare groove Roy Ayers type of vibe. Dig it. While there is still room for him to improve lyrically or beatwise, this is a solid first entry. Enjoy it very much! Follow him ::: soundcloud