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Free Download! Ed Sheeran – Pony (Koni Remix)

Follow Koni on Facebook ::: Soundcloud Koni comes with a nice interpretation of an well known classic r&b song, covered by Ed Sheeran. We’re talking about ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a child from the 90’s or not, cause it sounds pretty much 2015 to me. Keep it up Koni! Free Download http://bit.ly/1OhD5Lw The Original Version on YouTube

#ChromeSelects: Mat McHugh

Taking it easy today with Mat McHugh’s new album “Waves” that we giddily downloaded for free. Below, we interviewed this avid surfer about pre-meal rituals, the creative process behind the album, and if he can break it down. 1) What artists do you draw on for your influence? Oh man, that list is too big. I get inspired by creative energy in any…