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Playlist : Chillout Indian & Oriental [good for yoga sessions]

Sweet PL, it feels very trippy at first, but being firsthand experienced and dealing with tons of Yoga normies, teachers and enthusiast on the daily, this is what they are looking for. It’s traditional sounding (somewhat) but still has that beat, that drives the practise without ever becoming too electronic but keeping an organic feel throughout. Give it a go and see…

Tyzo Bloom – T O N I G H T

Tyzo Bloom alias Casey Chen is a young and upcoming producer based in Los Angeles. His latest release ‘T O N I G H T‘ is a great song about “being in a relationship that you know is toxic but you can’t help but want to stay”. Everyone knows the feeling and he preserved it pretty well within this song. Free Download Tyzo…

Duñe x Crayon – Blue Window

Beautiful smooth vibes by french producer & singer Duñe (half of parisian duo Saje) and Crayon. ‘Blue Window’ is part of their DUÑE x CRAYON EP and was released today. Crayon on Soundcloud ::: Facebook ::: Instagram Duñe on Soundcloud ::: Facebook ::: Instagram

Ben Phipps – Don’t Look Back (feat. Ashe)

Simply beautiful vibes by twenty six year old musician and deep house producer Ben Phipps from Stockholm Sweden garnished with sweet vocals by Ashlyn, a twenty two year old singer songwriter from California. Great symbiosis between both and we’re looking forward for more to come. Ben Phipps on Facebook ::: Twitter ::: Soundcloud Ashe on Facebook ::: Soundcloud