Tag: chill

Elyar – Keep It Easy 

This one is butter. Had this on repeat while i was off on vacansesssssyesyesyes, but i am still into this one. Still a few flaws, that can be touched upon, but the vibe is there and the man is believable. This will be on the DL for some time until we take it someplace else. Watch.

Use Me by Dominique

After seeing the cover i almost shied away from this tune, but what’s inside is a complete song, while the pic promises something different this tune will go down very very smooth ;) State of the art, even with the double time claps. Well done Dominique.

River – Worry (feat. Osmo)

Strong chill track from the La Belle Musique camp. Since YouTube is getting sanier and sanier, and the plays are decreasing uncontrollably seems like every channel is becoming a label these days. Does not make too much sense if you ask me, but it’s an opportunity to snatch talent that offers itself to these channels for exposure. I think La Belle M is…