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ChromeMusic Top Tunes May [+ Introducing New Stream Player]

Without telling you or for that matter anyone else we made some changes on ChromeMusic over the last couple of weeks. A you might have noticed – you are finally able to listen to all music right from the frontpage without making this extra and honestly ‘oh-so-90ies’ step by opening each and every single post anymore. Now any kid of our no-brain-apple…

100% WIN!!! Wolfskind feat Ashe “Stone Cold Thriller”

Wolfskind is back and with a vengeance! This is pretty much everything i want in a track. Played it this week, while out deejaying, and the crowd ate it up. Actually played it right after one of Odezsa’s strongest tracks and the crowd went even more into a frenzy. I am having the pleasure of guiding Wolfskind on his way, from very…

Ben Phipps – Don’t Look Back (feat. Ashe)

Simply beautiful vibes by twenty six year old musician and deep house producer Ben Phipps from Stockholm Sweden garnished with sweet vocals by Ashlyn, a twenty two year old singer songwriter from California. Great symbiosis between both and we’re looking forward for more to come. Ben Phipps on Facebook ::: Twitter ::: Soundcloud Ashe on Facebook ::: Soundcloud