Food design

Talking about food. I wonder why the design-maniacs haven’t picked up on our food yet. Oh, of course they have.. (at least the “pleasure appleâ€? is cute) – the “ visionary grocery storeâ€? just looks so damn star trek.. If you wanna see more pictures click here. (I rather have this anytime than any rapsnacks)


Ever heard of Audiotag. It’s a little genius idea. Small boxes that you leave in public places with your own audio messages. (always the simple things)… (just imagine everything you always wanted to say to a cop)

Collection of all Video Game ads

A – or should I say the collection of all Video Game Ads, 2411 in figures, enjoy or go nuts.. Warning! Caution! Most of the ads are for complete nerds and geeks, so if you are a girl, woman, female or a boy, guy, man who has dated the opposite sex before or intends to so again – STAY AWAY.

best toilet seat ad

Best toilet seat ad ever! Watch this japanese ad and crack up! Just got to love it. Ps this one is for real. How can you even consider this being an ad that will make people buy your toilet seats.

The Nixon-Presley Meeting

This one is great & it is another great proof why Elvis was a dork: Elvis was huge fan of Richard Nixon. Don’t believe it. Well according to the US national Security Archive “The Nixon-Presley Meetingâ€? took place on december 21st, 1970. Check out the Photo gallery as well as Elvis’ handwritten letters where he begs Nixon for an official position as…