Jacko over Iraq

Ok, Michael Jackson. Basically – who gives a fuck? I don’t care what he does unless it’s called “thrillerâ€?. Well after this whole crap – soap opera is over everybody seems to be left with a feeling of “oh, we let the paedophile get away just because he is famous/ or thank god he’s free – he is innocent and I knew it.â€? –  it’s either or.
To be honest – I don’t fucking care. Everytime the US has a little war going on some place it’s Jackson again. He is all over the damn controlled media – “We just killed 100.000 people in some country that we can’t even pronounce for fake reasons – but look at that ugly Michael Jackson again, he molested McCauley Culkin or some other brat, or he married a monkey or he’s asian now or whatever.â€? – And amazingly enough this bastard seems to be more important than the slaughtering of thousands of human beings.. because all of a sudden you don’t get to here jack no more from all these places (way too many to mention).. After this whole farce is over i wonder what’s going to happen next to keep us distracted from what’s going on in Iraq. -  (no link to this one)

I don’t care if Jackson’s guilty or not – cause I simply don’t fucking care ..

Ps McCauley Culkin sucks ass.. ——————- (not only Michaels)