the Downing Street Memo

The greatest news story of this year was the Downing Street Memo – Have you ever heard of it? Of course you haven’t cause somebody’s been very quiet about it and even the european media wasn’t making too much of a fuss about it. What its about? Oh, its just the legal proof to impeach Bush and all the others.

Here’s a freeway blogger on that topic.
Here’s the story: Downing Street Memo.
Here’s how often it got mentioned in the US mainstream media (in comparison to that American highschool chick who went missing in Aruba or the Michael Jackson story – see what I mean by distraction?)

ABC News: “Downing Street Memo”: 0 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 42 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 121 segments.

CBS News: “Downing Street Memo”: 0 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 70 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 235 segments.

NBC News: “Downing Street Memo”: 6 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 62 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 109 segments.

CNN: “Downing Street Memo”: 30 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 294 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 633 segments.

Fox News: “Downing Street Memo”: 10 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 148 segments; Michael Jackson”: 286 segments.

MSNBC: “Downing Street Memo”: 10 segments; “Natalee Holloway”: 30 segments; “Michael Jackson”: 106 segments.