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Introducing Mafia Soul Records – Official Playlist

I found out about Mafia Soul Rec via Submithub, when whoever send it through spammed my inbox with about 2 or 3 pages of submissions, but honestly spammed is not the right word, since this guy showed perseverance. I listened to some of the tracks and some were phenomenal, other of course not but having just a few outstanding tracks these days…

ALIVE by Cam Archer 

Another unknown emcee ready to aka the stage. Dig this a lot, reminds me a but of a lot of big names, but no knocking him on this blog, he def has his own style. Get introduced to Cam Archer and give “Alive” a spin.

Elyar – Keep It Easy 

This one is butter. Had this on repeat while i was off on vacansesssssyesyesyes, but i am still into this one. Still a few flaws, that can be touched upon, but the vibe is there and the man is believable. This will be on the DL for some time until we take it someplace else. Watch.

Darci – Seeing Colors

Not much to say here, but give it a listen and go from “unimpressed” to totally “captured” by this tune. Darci’s first offering, at least that i noticed w/o doing any research, left a great impression on me. He must have previous releases with 7k SC followers, but everything is a stream/ is a blur these days and nobody got time for…