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Open by Rhye

Love this tune, been out for a second and saved as a draft in our system for some time now – didn’t mean to get it lost in our archieves- Give it a go and check their entire Album, ps there’s a Ryan Hemsworth rmx of this tune floating around, but the original is somehow impeckable and beautiful in itself and the…

Songs for Sunsets – A State of the Art Roundup

A selection of some of the most inspiring but still emotionally charged tunes that are currently consolidating my means of audio consumption. If you have to read one post and listen to the according songs, let it be this one. Heavy and serious production presented in state of the art perfection with the cleverness and creativity to transport the human element that…

Sleepless [Rmx + Orig]

[audio:] Sleepless(Charles Murdoch Remix) [audio:] Sleepless feat. Anthony For Cleopatra